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Most habitat and range descriptions were obtained from Weakley's Flora.

Your search found 2 taxa in the family Actinidiaceae, Kiwi-fruit family, as understood by PLANTS National Database.


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Common Name: Hardy Kiwi, Tara Vine

Weakley's Flora: (5/21/15) -   FAMILY: Actinidiaceae

PLANTS National Database: Actinidia arguta   FAMILY: Actinidiaceae


Non-native: Asia


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Common Name: Green Kiwi-fruit, Chinese Gooseberry

Weakley's Flora: (5/21/15) Actinidia chinensis var. deliciosa   FAMILY: Actinidiaceae

(?) PLANTS National Database: Actinidia chinensis var. deliciosa   FAMILY: Actinidiaceae


Habitat: Suburban woodlands, floodplains

Non-native: east Asia


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"Our great-aunt loved the fields, the hills, cotton plants, the clear star in our evening sky, the bastard saffron blossoms and moon vines, the crimson poke, and the south wind and the fierce Southern sun, shining straight down, a hundred degrees in the shade. She watched the white drift of the plum trees, the dogwood and the yellow jessamine and jewelweeds and the wild Indian turnips. She heard the hidden song of the hermit thrush." — Ben Robertson, Red Hills and Cotton