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Pronunciation of Scientific Names

They tell us that Latin is a dead language, and so it is. No one knows how it sounded in ancient Rome. But we’d have a hard time understanding one another if we each made up our own pronunciations, so guidelines have evolved.

After hearing it spoken, you start to pick up on a cadence or rhythm, and when you say a name out loud, it’s easier to remember — so we are grateful to these people for demonstrating the pronunciation of scientific names.

To hear them, click the “play” buttons beside Latin names throughout the website.

  • Wayne Bateman, Scotts Lawn Service
  • Christi Bruner, Carolina Wild Native Plant Nursery
  • Beth Flokstra, Garden Genesis
  • Jan Haldeman, Erskine College
  • Margie Hunter, Gardening with the Native Plants of Tennessee
  • Charles Horn, Newberry College
  • Ron Lance, Balsam Mountain Preserve
  • Tim Lee, South Carolina Parks Service
  • John Manion, Curator of the Kaul Wildflower Garden, Birmingham Botanical Gardens
  • Larry Mellichamp, University of North Carolina / UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens
  • John Nelson, University of South Carolina / A.C. Moore Herbarium
  • Joseph Pollard, Furman University
  • Doug Rayner, Wofford College
  • Emily B. Sessa, University of Wisconsin-Madison Ph.D. Dissertator
  • Bill Stringer, Clemson University
  • Lisa Wagner, South Carolina Botanical Garden
  • David Zaparanick, City of Atlanta

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