Native & Naturalized Plants of the Carolinas & Georgia

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camera icon speaker icon Common Name: Florida Rosemary, Sandhill Rosemary, Sand Heath
Weakley's Flora: (11/30/12) Ceratiola ericoides
SYNONYMOUS WITH PLANTS National Database: Ceratiola ericoides
SYNONYMOUS WITH Vascular Flora of the Carolinas (1968): Ceratiola ericoides 144-01-001

Reddish or yellowish flowers in axillary clusters of 2-3, in November, per Native Shrubs and Woody Vines of the Southeast.

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"In the South and East, some of the worst offenders... include several honeysuckle species, the Melaleuca paperbark tree, autumn olive, privet, multiflora rose, kudzu, lantana, buckthorn, oriental bittersweet, purple loosestrife, Japanese stiltgrass, Norway maple, burning bush, English ivy, Japanese knotweed, Bradford pear, empress tree, Japanese barberry, wisteria, and mile-a-minute weed. These and many more invasive plants were introduced to this country by well-meaning horticulturists looking for exciting new species to sell in the garden trade." — Douglas W. Tallamy, Bringing Nature Home