Native & Naturalized Plants of the Carolinas & Georgia

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camera icon Common Name: Abelia
Weakley's Flora: (11/30/12) Abelia ×grandiflora
SYNONYMOUS WITH PLANTS National Database: Abelia ×grandiflora [chinensis × uniflora]

Flowers white-flushed pink. Sepals persist, evolving rose to purplish tinge, per Manual of Woody Landscape Plants.

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"I can't remember when a landscape style so captured the American gardener as the meadow has today. Perhaps we are tired of designer gardens and highly bred flowers that are ever brighter, shorter, showier, and more uniform. Perhaps as open fields shrink or are rimmed by NO TRESPASSING signs, we feel compelled to create little pieces of country for ourselves. Perhaps it is because of concern for the environment and our natural resources." — Jim Wilson, Landscaping with Wildflowers